R&R Environmental Water Damage Restoration

Tucson residences and commercial properties exposed to water loss quickly demonstrate to their owners how destructive overflowing sinks and tubs, burst pipes, leaking roofs, and malfunctioning appliances can be. Excess water swiftly saturates building materials and contents, causing significant deterioration within minutes to hours. Wood framing swells, drywall crumbles, ceiling tiles bulge and fall. Floors warp and buckle, and carpeting stretches and separates from its backing. Metal supports, fasteners, and electrical lines corrode, and soaked insulation shreds and packs down, ruined for future temperature moderation.

Water damage to Tucson properties requires immediate attention from trained and experienced mitigation, remediation, and restoration professionals. Within 24 to 48 hours, unresolved water losses can fuel mold growth and damage, accelerating severe harm to structural components and personal property. Walls and floors weaken, and noxious odors develop. The quantities of water from broken plumbing, ruptured water heaters, or storm flooding can be vast, far beyond the ability of property owners to manage.

The R&R Environmental team is highly qualified in water damage restoration, certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Our Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) are skilled in all aspects of recovery from water intrusion.

We dispatch crews swiftly, responding to requests for help round the clock because we know water damage does not occur only during typical business hours. Our investment in state of the art equipment helps accomplish the water removal and structural drying mandated by our adherence to restoration industry best practices.

R&R Environmental can handle it all, from assessment and mitigation, through rapid water removal and remediation efforts. Water damage restoration can necessitate controlled demolition to release trapped water, and porous materials often need removal and replacement or repair. Our full-service construction department ensures your home or commercial space is clean, dried, and rehabilitated to pre-loss condition after our efforts.

You need not manage a property disaster or restoration issue on your own.

Planned or unexpected, we are always ready to assist or consult with you about any disaster restoration or construction need, question, or concern.