R&R Environmental Mold Inspection

If you have any suspicions that your Tucson home or business contains mold growth or damage, call our highly qualified and experienced team of mold remediation experts to conduct a mold inspection. Even in the relatively arid climate of the Southwest mold infestations are possible. Understanding how molds grow and reproduce make it clear that any residence or commercial building is at risk of a significant mold problem if specific conditions are present.

Mold growth is the product of a mold spore finding and absorbing even a small amount of water. A suitable surface made of or with access to organic matter is needed to nurture the growth and later multiplication of that spore into a colony of fungal organisms. R&R Environmental technicians know mold needs only moisture, an organic food source, and oxygen to grow. Light is unnecessary, and most of the thousands of molds found in the environment thrive at the same temperatures humans enjoy.

Because mold does not need light, it often proliferates in hidden spaces. Cavities between building materials are a perfect mold nursery. Frequently R&R Environmental is called in because the characteristically musty odor emitted by growing mold, not because mold is evident. Property owners might see staining or a small amount of feathery growth in a corner only to have our crew discover a large and expanding colony behind a wall, under a cabinet, or even growing on the back of window treatments hanging over a condensation-prone window.

When the R&R Environmental crew inspects for mold, we also make every effort to locate the moisture source that instigated the outbreak. Dry mold spores are everywhere, invisible, and causing no concern. A hidden leak, unresolved spill, clogged air conditioner drain, poorly maintained roofs and gutters, and more issues can allow small amounts of water to intrude. Mold spores are opportunistic, making the most of any chance to reproduce.

After we inspect and discover the water incursion, R&R Environmental arranges for repair and drying of the affected area. Our mold remediation team removes current colonies and brings spores numbers down to normal levels. As long as property owners and managers are vigilant about avoiding future water damage mold recurrence is less likely.

You need not manage a property disaster or restoration issue on your own.

Planned or unexpected, we are always ready to assist or consult with you about any disaster restoration or construction need, question, or concern.