R&R Environmental Smoke Damage Restoration

Smoke is a byproduct of fire, containing tiny solids, water vapor, and gases. It represents airborne residues left after incomplete combustion of structural components and contents in Tucson homes and businesses suffering from a fire’s aftermath. The different materials burned vary the multitude of different chemicals present in smoke, but the visible portion is primarily a mixture of carbon, tar, oils, and ash.

As a fire burns, smoke plumes and then drifts throughout the affected building or residence. R&R Environmental IICRC-trained technicians understand the characteristics and behavior of smoke, using this knowledge to track its migration on superheated air currents and through the building’s HVAC system.

When R&R Environmental arrives at your fire site, we consider an immediate setup of an air scrubbing system to filter the solids and vent the gases and vapors to the outdoors. Containing the majority of smoke to the immediate ignition site mitigates further infiltration of the malodorous, toxic, and corrosive airborne residues. Switching out the filters in your HVAC system and inspection of the internal ductwork in anticipation of thorough cleaning we can arrange minimizes continuing contamination of the interior air quality.

Smoke eventually settles on surfaces, regardless of whether the targeted structural components or contents are flat, horizontal, or otherwise angled. Walls, ceilings, and slanted surfaces all attract and become soiled with the abrasive and sticky smoke solids, more commonly known as soot. The airborne fire residues seek objects and structures cooler than the smoke, explaining why the location where a fire started is often less smoke damaged.

Speed of mitigation and remediation is critical to limit the areas damaged and minimize the severity of the harm. At R&R Environmental, we know fire emergencies happen 24 hours a day, and so must our response. The faster we partition off containment areas and utilize negative pressure air scrubbing technology, HVAC system management, and other strategies, the more likely a rapid and straightforward restoration of smoke damage is possible.

You need not manage a property disaster or restoration issue on your own.

Planned or unexpected, we are always ready to assist or consult with you about any disaster restoration or construction need, question, or concern.