R&R Environmental Sanitation Disinfection

After removal of substances or items that expose occupants of your Tucson home or business to biohazards, the affected spaces need a thorough cleaning and treatment with antimicrobial agents. Whether your property was the scene of criminal or traumatic activity, or you needed to address a hoarding scenario, merely picking up debris and performing everyday cleaning is not enough to prepare the property for future safe and comfortable occupation.

Similarly, if you are responsible for an abandoned or neglected residential or business property, reach out to R&R Environmental to perform general or commercial cleaning. Because of the possibility of biohazards such as molds, mildews, and bacteria in and on surfaces of these sites, sanitation and disinfection as the last step with appropriate products is mandatory.

Of particular concern are circumstances where blood or fecal-borne pathogens contaminate the spaces. The risk of illness and discomfort are high when exposure to viruses and bacteria is possible where bodily fluids are an issue. Once R&R Environmental removes all of the biohazardous materials on a property, we develop a cleaning and sanitization plan. We proceed to wash down all hard surfaces, including walls, floors, ceilings, interior wall cavities, and concrete slabs with anti-microbial products.

The products selected for cleaning and disinfection must meet the criteria in place to be registered as an antimicrobial by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The residue from this biohazard cleanup is immediately extracted into a recovery tank located in our bio cleaning vehicles.

The collected materials mixed with the disinfectant must be transferred to a hazardous waste site for proper and lawful disposal. R&R Environmental technicians are highly-qualified to complete this work, trained in all cleaning and decontamination procedures according to OSHA and other agency requirements.

The sanitation and disinfection services we offer for residential or business customers are in high demand. If you require sanitation and disinfection with EPA-registered products, contact R&R Environmental for more information.

You need not manage a property disaster or restoration issue on your own.

Planned or unexpected, we are always ready to assist or consult with you about any disaster restoration or construction need, question, or concern.