R&R Environmental Odor Removal

When your Tucson home or business has been the scene of a biohazard event, lingering odors create an unpleasant reminder of a stressful situation. Odor-bearing particles remain airborne and settle on surfaces even after a thorough cleaning. The tiny particles work their way into cracks, seams, and crevices where they continue to emit malodors. The fabric and padding of furniture, rugs and carpeting, walls, insulation, floorboards, baseboards, and ceiling tiles can all hold the particles, causing a persistent stench.

When removing debris and deep cleaning does not entirely eliminate noxious smells, R&R Environmental completes an odor assessment, using specialized tools to identify the cause and location of the offensive particles. We understand that biohazard cleaning is incomplete until any foul odors are removed.

Merely covering up the smell with spray air fresheners or solid deodorants is an inadequate solution. Strong scents, even if pleasant, can be irritating. Some individuals have a sensitivity or an allergic reaction to a masking scent. The mixture of perfume and the unwanted odor often does not have the desired effect, with the malodor overriding the other scent.

R&R Environmental instead invests in advanced odor-elimination technology. Our technicians use a thermal fogging system that emits a visible fog. Heat and moisture generate the fog. Once the fog propellants mix with the deodorizer, they combust in a chamber of the fogger. The tiny particles of the resulting fog seek out and neutralized the odor-bearing bits in every inch of your home or place of business, including the carpets and furnishings. This visible fog also helps our technicians ensure that no area is left untreated on your property.

Ozone machines offer another option, changing the chemical composition of the odor-bearing particles, rendering them odor-free. R&R Environmental technicians train in the use of these advanced techniques, and are in full compliance with EPA and OSHA standards.

You need not manage a property disaster or restoration issue on your own.

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