R&R Environmental Biohazard Cleanup

Residents and business people in Tucson rarely anticipate the need for biohazard cleanup. When faced with an emergency, crisis, or tragedy involving biological or chemical toxins harmful to human health or the environment, you need a reliable resource to manage cleaning and disinfection fast and efficiently. Our team of biohazard restoration technicians is ready to help.

Biohazard cleanup is also a heavily regulated service. Partnering with Restoration Tucson ensures all applicable Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA), state, and local laws, regulations, and rules are followed during restoration activities. We take the training and certification process seriously because we want no roadblocks when it comes to helping members of our community.

Biohazard cleanup in Tucson is an umbrella category for the mitigation, remediation, and restoration of a range of challenging and distressing consequences. It encompasses managing the residues property owners might encounter after trauma, criminal activity, homicide, unattended death, suicide, sewer backup, hoarding, or other events or activities that increase the risk of exposure to illness or discomfort-producing pathogens or chemical toxins.

The team at Restoration Tucson includes managers and technicians who have the training and certifications required by monitoring governmental agencies to provide fast and reliable biohazard cleanup services. We support the biohazard cleanup work of our skilled employees with an investment in cutting edge equipment and state of the art personal and environmental protective equipment.

Restoration Tucson customers seeking biohazard cleanup and restoration come to us at an extremely stressful time in their lives. The events leading to the need for our services cause upheaval, despair, grief, fear, confusion, and other strong emotions. We prepare for helping customers in highly-charged circumstances by emphasizing sensitivity training for our biohazard recovery team. At a biohazard cleanup and restoration scene, we respond with compassion, patience, and active listening.

Be assured that Restoration Tucson completes biohazard cleanup jobs following industry best practices and all applicable rules and regulations. The safety and security of occupants are paramount throughout each project. We are honored to be your resource at a difficult time.

You need not manage a property disaster or restoration issue on your own.

Planned or unexpected, we are always ready to assist or consult with you about any disaster restoration or construction need, question, or concern.